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01St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School opened its doors to the families of Royston and surrounding villages in 1970.

For over 50 years St Mary’s has been serving the Catholic families in the area.

The land for the school to be built on was provided by the Sisters of Providence. Indeed, St Mary’s first headteacher, Sr Veronica, was from this order.

Over the years St Mary’s has grown and developed. The original four classrooms are where Years 3-6 are today. In 1976 three classrooms were added and now house our KS1 classes. An infant playground and painting area were also added.

In the 1990s we had a Nursery classroom built and this has now become our Reception class.

Further features have been added over the years including an extension to Year 2, a new roof, a cooking room, an amphitheatre, a wildlife area and an outside classroom which is currently being developed into a prayer and reflection area.

In 2020, the lodge at the front of the school was built and this is now the home of our Nursery class.

Many past pupils have worked and do work at St Mary’s. Many current staff are either past pupils or have or have had their own children attend the school.

St Mary’s is proud of it's past, we value this and celebrate this. But we are always looking forward, looking at ways to improve and develop.


Our Patron SaintSt Mary

Our school is named after Mary, the mother of Jesus. We believe that she inspires and intercedes for us.

She was asked to accept God’s plan and be the mother to Jesus and ultimately be our mother which we remember with love when we say The Hail Mary Prayer.

Mary accepted God’s invitation and the plan he had for her. She showed courage, faith, determination and resilience. She is a role model to us all and we ask our pupils to look to her example when faced with challenging times and have a Growth Mindset allowing us to embrace all learning opportunities that come our way.

We celebrate Mary’s feast day on 8th December which is the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In Luke’s Gospel we hear Mary proclaiming that she will be the handmaid of the Lord. She demonstrates her compassion, humility, simplicity and gentleness.

Mary conceives, carries and gives birth to Jesus. She raises Jesus with Joseph and contributes to his personality and humanity. Mary’s attitude towards service is then lived out by her son.

At St Mary’s we feel so blessed to have Mary as our patron saint.


Class Saints

Nursery Reception Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
St Mary St Teresa of Calcutta (2) St Francis of Assisi St John Bosco St Joseph St Martin de Porres
St Mary St Teresa of Calcutta St Francis of Assisi St John Bosco St Joseph St Martin de Porres
Year 5 Year 6 SEND      
St Josephine Bakhita St Padre Pio St Joseph of Cupertino      
St Josephine Bakhita St Padre Pio St Joseph of Cupertino      


School Prayers

Morning Prayer

Lunchtime Prayer

Going home Prayer


Chaplaincy Team

Our chaplaincy team has grown and developed over recent years. We have moved away from our Year 6s having leading roles and now focus on our Year 5s leading the team.

As part of their role, the chaplaincy team leads and supports the whole school in leading and developing the prayer life of the school in the hope of deepening the faith of our pupils on their faith journey.

They lead rosary recitals in November and May and try to involve as many pupils as possible in saying these beautiful prayers.

Our chaplaincy team will also be talking at masses every half term to share with the parish the prayer life and curriculum at St Mary’s. They attend events as part of Deanery and Academy(DOWAT) celebrations.

Our chaplaincy team play a prominent role in school life and are seen regularly by other pupils. They lead assemblies, promote fundraising and come up with new initiatives.

Pupils are invited to apply to be part of the chaplaincy team and where possible and when numbers require, a rota of those involved is used.


Parish Links



Annual Plan of Provision

Autumn 2024

Spring 2025

Summer 2025


Section 48 Inspection

Section 48 inspection

Letter from Jane Goring Chief Inspector of Schools


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