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Prayer at School

Prayer at schoolOver the years we have developed and adapted our collective worship. At St Mary’s this plays a fundamental part of daily school life and enables us to all join together as one in prayer and worship. Pupils and staff celebrating The Word develops us as a community, Sometimes this will be in class prayer, other times it may involve children in the year group joining together in prayer or it may be in a key stage assembly or KS2 mass. We hold daily acts of worship and this is detailed in our Pray and Liturgy Policy.

Children are encouraged to learn a selection of traditional prayers in each year group. (See Prayer and Liturgy Policy) Prayers take place at the beginning of the school day, before lunch and again at the end of the school day. Every classroom has a focal point for prayer, which is appropriate to the liturgical season.


Collective Worship

Classroom worship is an integral part of everyday life at St Mary’s. Children are encouraged to prepare, participate and lead in this reflective experience.

Collective worship year 6 Collective worship year 4



Prayer and Liturgy Policy


Prayer at Home

PrayerAt St Marys children are helped with prayer in a variety of ways. We strive to provide them with a range of experiences and opportunities with liturgy and worship. We are looking to develop spiritual experiences of our pupils and ways of supporting parents and carers with this at home. We will send out weekly suggestions / resources that can be used at home. Prayer at home is a way of supporting pupils on their faith journey and strengthening the links between school and home. On  Friday teachers will update Seesaw or Tapestry with a prayer focus or intention for that week. Our Chaplaincy team will also add this to school X ( formerly known as Twitter page)