Mission Statement and Values

Mission Statement

Aiming high,

dreaming bigger,

praying together,

growing in God's love to do whatever he asks,


Our Mission Statement, written by our children. This is something St Mary's does.

As St Mary's first head teacher, Sister Veronica, said, "What great expectations."


Our vision is simple but means so much to us all:

To provide a high quality education to all pupils based on the gospel values.

Our 3Is of inclusion, inspiration and independence underpin our vision and give opportunities for our pupils to succeed.

We are a family at St Mary's - living, learning, growing and loving as a true community. During a pupil's time at St Mary's we strive to support each individual on their journey in all areas of development, academic, moral, social, physical, emotional and spiritual.

We want our children to be prepared for the 21st century as independent and inspired learners in whichever direction they choose to follow. We celebrate and embrace diversity. We are so blessed to welcome families from a wide breadth of ethnicity, culture and faiths. We recognise Faith as being a gift and we try to prepare everyone for receiving and welcoming this. We value and recognise every child as child of Christ and so everyone in our community sees everyone as special, valued and loved.

By having the core Gospel values of love, respect and forgiveness at the centre of everything we do, allows and encourages our ethos of acceptance and togetherness.  Inclusion of all members of our community is so important.

We live in a multi-cultural modern Britain and we need to be ever changing and forward looking. We value and celebrate our past as a school, but we must look to the future and the opportunities which are there for our children whilst also promoting our British Values.

We are part of a school, Trust, parish, town, diocesan and global community. We want our children to be role models to others and also look to ways of promoting social justice.

We believe every child deserves the right to  a high-quality education in a safe and happy environment.