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Growth Mindset

We first introduced the terminology Growth Mindset to St Mary's in 2016.

Growth Mindset is now an embedded part of our school - for pupils, staff governors and the wider school community. It was first rolled out by our Year 6 class and since has been embedded by all.

Growth Mindset is now something that is quite simply the norm. Pupils have a positive mindset and the notion that all can succeed is encouraged from the moment a pupil starts in any class at St Mary's.

Growth Mindset is celebrated and encouraged during our weekly Growth Mindset Assembly. Individuals, pairs, groups and even classes are recognised as having a growth mindset and it gives the whole school community an opportunity to come together and recognise examples and successes.

Visitors to our school including our MP, councillors, sports coaches, military personnel have all commented and praised our pupils here for their attitude to learning and taking risks.

"Initiatives such as the 'Growth Mindset' have had a marked effect a on pupils' attitudes to learning and their resilience with work that they find difficult." - OFSTED 2017

"It doesn't matter if you get something wrong. Don't give up just give it a go. Look at me!" - Year 1 pupil