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Staff Wellbeing

At St Mary's we recognise our wonderful staff as our greatest resource to work with our children.

Our children deserve the best and our whole staff works hard to provide this.

We constantly look at ways of supporting staff, managing their workload and focusing on their well-being.

Strategies to support staff include:

  • Teachers have PPA in blocks rather on small half hour sessions. Teachers can work from home during PPA time.
  • SLT can work from home during designated non-teaching time.
  • Staff meetings generally last for one hour.
  • Meetings are practical and have clear objectives and focus.
  • Yearly calendar is made available at the beginning of each academic year and term. Staff are consulted on this.
  • Assessment meetings are held termly between class teachers and assessment coordinators to ensure clear and focused progress can be tracked and monitoring is not onerous or disjointed.
  • Access to school at the weekends and holidays to suit needs and commitments of individuals.
  • Staff joining have a mentor.
  • SLT meet with parents and teacher if requested.
  • Lunchtime breaks are assured. Each member of staff has at least 30 minutes and up to one hour break.
  • Clear job descriptions.
  • Tea, coffee, biscuits etc. are provided by school.
  • Teaching and non-teaching staff are asked for preference of classes they work in.
  • Staff wellbeing survey from Governors.
  • Governors accessible.
  • Thorough appraisal.
  • Staff code of conduct / relationship agreement.
  • Annual Summer staff social BBQ weather permitting!
  • Well-being day. Each member of staff has 1 day off.
  • Staff social events throughout the year.
  • Exit interview with Governors.