Catholic Life and Mission

Catholic life and mission


Our mission to serve others lies at the heart of everything we do at St Mary’s.


As a school community we strive to live according to the values exemplified by Christ in the Gospels.

Each class has a gospel value linked to them

Nursery Reception Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Love Hope Forgiveness Gratitude Compassion Service
Year 5 Year 6        
Justice Integrity        


St Mary’s charism is given to us by the Holy Spirit and channelled to serve everyone as an individual.


Each of us uses our skills to serve those in need. We are a beacon of inclusion and work together to contribute to the common good. Our unique charism in carrying out God’s work is our devotion to teaching each child as an individual and serving the needs of the vulnerable.

Our 3 Is of independence, inspiration and inclusion are our guiding principles.