St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Curriculum Overview

"Great schools don't just stick to statistics, policies and guidelines. They have the courage to do what is right to give the pupils the best possible start in life"

- Sir John Timpson

Our Curriculum intent is mission driven, Christ centred and child centred. 

“Aiming high, dreaming bigger, growing together in God’s love.

The 3Is of St Mary's - we recognise and use the terminology of intent, implementation and impact when describing and judging our Curriculum.  However, at St Mary's we have and use our own 3Is.


We strive to create an environment where all of our children have a love for learning and also enables them to develop an independence and level of maturity which allows them to develop at their own pace.  We wish all of our children to become independent learners.  They are given responsibilities, choices and opportunities which allows them to feel valued and encourages them to use their iniative.  This develops independence for their next steps in their school journey and the future.


Our teaching approach and Curriculum is geared towards being inspirational for all our pupils, giving them opportunities to flourish, be creative and use and develop the skills God has given them.  A Curriculum that inspires our young people is a Curriculum which does not put a cap on a child's potential.  As Walt Disney once said "Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children."


Every single child at St Mary's is loved, cherished and valued as a child of Christ.  We strive to ensure that our Curriculum, activities and environment meets the needs of all.  Our school is a diverse community.  We celebrate all of our pupils.  We are delighted to be a community enriched by pupils of many faiths and cultures, all abilities and individual needs.

Our Curriculum

We use the categories Intent, Implementation and Impact when talking about our curriculum.

Ultimately, everything we do around a range of subjects, including science, history, information and communication technology (ICT), musical, physical education and the arts.

"The Curriculum is exciting and enriching."

"Leaders and Governors have created an excellent learning community."

- Ofsted, 2017

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